Our Main Services

There is a long list of services that we offer to our clients. In a nutshell, here is an overview of what we are specialized to do;

  1. Free AC Estimates for your Home or Business:

    We will not charge you for the estimates that we do for your home of office.

  2. Air Quality Testing and Control:

    Having quality air in your home or office is good for your health. We offer the best air quality testing and control in the region.

  3. 24 Hour Emergency Air Conditioning Repair (24/7 repair service):

    In case you have an emergency with your air conditioning system, call us any time during the day or at night and we will sort you with immediate effect.

  4. Residential Air Conditioning:

    We offer all types of residential air conditioning.

  5. Residential Maintenance:

    Maintenance of your AC system is critical and we have the best team to implement this task.  

  6. Commercial Air Conditioning:

    Coral Springs HVAC Experts are better placed to handle any commercial air conditioning project.

  7. Commercial Maintenance:

    Call us today for the maintenance system of your commercial AC system.

  8. New AC System Design and Installation:

    In case you need a new AC system in your home, we will help you with identifying the right design and the installation process.

  9. Air Conditioning Unit Replacement:

    We are the best option if you are looking for someone to help with the replacement of your AC unit.

  10. Heating Repair:

    All heating repairs are a walk in the park for us. Get in touch with us and we will help you solve these issues within no time.

  11. Electrical Repair and Maintenance:

    The electricians at Coral Springs HVAC Experts will sort any electrical repair and maintenance issues for your HVAC system.

  12. AC Tune Ups:

    AC tune ups can be a daunting task but we will help you fix it within no time.

  13. Monthly AC Maintenance:

    Coral Springs HVAC Experts has special packages that will help you maintain your AC and keep it running smoothly for a long period.

  14. Preventative AC Maintenance:

    Preventive care is the best business approach and we will help you out especially when it comes to your AC system.

  15. Water Heater Hookups:

    Water heaters can have several challenges in the home but you can rely on us for long lasting solutions.

  16. AC Precision Tune Up:

    Most people struggle with the issue of AC precision tune up and our team will help you sort out some of these issues within no time.

  17. Air Conditioning Ductwork:

    Ductwork can be a challenging task but we have the right expertise to handle these assignments.

  18. Piecework and Subcontracting:

    Our brand is highly flexible with our business approach so as to meet the needs of various clients. We can either go for piece work or sub-contracting.

  19. Freezing Issues:

    So many issues can arise from the freezers in your home but you can rely on use for a perfect solution.

  20. Thermostat Issues:

    Thermostats are electric devices and hence are prone to failure over time. Call on us just in case you have a problem with your thermostat.

  21. Duct Cleaning:

    The duct system requires regular cleaning to enhance the efficiency of the whole system. Coral Springs HVAC Experts have the right technicians to handle this duty.  

  22. New AC Installation:

    We are the leading brand when it comes to the installation of new AC systems in your home.

  23. Commercial AC Installation Units:

    Our team is highly experienced when it comes to installing commercial AC units.

  24. Commercial Duct Cleaning:

    Its recommended to clean your commercial duct regularly in order to increase their efficiency and our team has the required capacity to handle this task.

  25. Rooftop Units:

    We will help you install and repair any rooftop units so as to enhance the efficiency of operations in your home.

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